Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber in So-called Feud

As of late February, Selena Gomez and Hailey Beiber have stolen public attention with their so-called “feud.” However, this is not an unlikely pair to have controversy. In fact, people have expected there to be bitterness between the two since 2018. Back then Justin Bieber and Selena had just broken off their decade-long on-again-off-again relationship for the last time and only a handful of months later he married Hailey. Ever since fans have analyzed their posts and interviews to see if they’re directing them at each other, and this time it began with a video. 

 Beloved singer and actress Selena Gomez posted a Tik Tok saying, “I accidentally laminated my brows too much.” 

Soon after, Hailey Bieber posted a photo of her and Kylie Jenner on face-time zoomed into their eyebrows. Then Kylie had her own post with the caption, “This was an accident???” The public speculated the two women had posted these with the intention of making fun of Selena. 

With the gossip spreading over social media, it eventually caught up to the celebrities themselves. Kylie responded to a TikTok calling her out saying “This is reaching. No shade towards Selena ever and I didn’t see her eyebrow posts! U guys are making something out of nothing.” Selena then responded to Kylie’s comment agreeing with her and saying she was a fan.  

Regardless, these comments did not settle the rumors, and instead, Selena gained more public love for her kind response. 

Another reason fans seemed to support the idea the two women were mocking Selena was that this drama happened soon after Selena once again became the most followed woman on Instagram, surpassing Kylie Jenner’s 380 Million. Throughout this drama, Selena now has an increasing 398 million followers. Kylie, however, continues to have a steady 381 million and Hailey supposedly lost over one million. 

Despite the numerous times the two have claimed there is no bad blood between them fans continued to pull their efforts to resurface past videos to prove that there is. 

In one video where not much can be denied, Hailey was shown to be “gagging” at the mention of Selena’s long-time friend Taylor swift, Selena saw the video and commented saying “So sorry, my best friend is and continues to be one of the best in the game.” 

Fans are also pointing out some coincidences between the two creating a label of “obsessive” for Hailey. Those coincidences include a personal cooking show that Selena took on in 2020, then in 2022, Hailey began her own. However, people were mostly focused on how similar Hailey’s dialogue seemed to Selena’s in the show. Then there are the pictures of Hailey’s being put next to Selena’s showing close to the same outfits, which some people defend saying “they were trending at the time.”

On top of that, Hailey has a history of commenting how much she loved “Jelena” (Selena and Justin’s relationship name) and expressed her admiration for each of them, this gave people the feeling of a fan marrying the celebrity. 

However, at the end of the day, these are just the feelings and ideas of fans which is why many people deemed the whole situation, as Kylie put it, “ reaching.” Yet it hasn’t stopped people from picking sides. 

While there is an overwhelming amount of support for Selena people believe that at this point Hailey is being cyberbullied. Others think Justin should be the target of hate for poorly treating them both and doing nothing as the public put the two women against each other. 

Only time will tell whether this drama will die down, but for now, it continues to be the talk of the month.