Outer Banks Season 3 Review

Ever since “Outer Banks” was first released in 2020, fans have been obsessed with the plots of adventure, romance, and, most importantly, friendship. Each season brings new storylines and a mystery to be solved, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Season one focused mainly on John B’s story. He had lost his father and was looking for gold treasure with his close group of friends, The Pogues, including Pope Heyward, Kiara Carrera, and JJ Maybank. On the other side of the island, there were the Kooks that had a strong distaste towards the Pogues. Sarah Cameron, the Kook princess, was introduced and soon gained a close connection with John B.

A few other key characters include Sarah Cameron’s antagonist father, Ward Cameron, and her siblings, Rafe and Wheezie Cameron. There is also Topper, who becomes Sarah’s ex-boyfriend in Season one but continues to try and win her back throughout.

In season two, the Pogues were back on the hunt, but now looking for a gold cross that belonged to Pope Heyward’s family. They once again were unsuccessful and the season ended with them stranded on an island, trying to escape from Rafe and Ward Cameron. In season two, Cleo was introduced as a new member of the Pogues who soon gains a close friendship with the rest.

When season three first aired on Feb. 23, it quickly reached number one on the Top Netflix television shows. New challenges face the characters and they are struggling to even survive.

This season takes on a whole new path of discovery. It begins with the Pogues on the deserted island that they have officially named Poguelandia. But, after a month, they are rescued by a strange man in a plane. This plane then ends up crashing into a new island where a whole new danger awaits.

Kiara gets kidnapped by a man named Carlos Singh and his men because he is searching for El Dorado, a whole city of gold. He believes that the Pogues could lead him there. During this time, Carrera gets reunited with Rafe Cameron, but to her dislike, they must work together to escape. But their tension brings in fans that support an enemies to lovers relationship of the two.

But the relationship that completely took over season three was the love between JJ and Kiara. From longing glances to tight hugs, these two have kept the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the entire show. And at the end of the season, they finally had their first kiss after he rescued her from the Kitty Hawk camp that her parents forced her to go to.

Rudy Pankow, the actor of JJ Maybank, says that “it would make sense if the series ended with JJ and Kiara walking into the sunset together.”

Pope and Cleo also established a much stronger bond throughout the season, also sealing it with a kiss. At a couple points during the show, a new romance could be springing between Rafe and a new character, Sofia. But this does not lead anywhere yet since Rafe is back teaming up with Barry, a known drug dealer, and they end up burning the cross of Santo Domingo, which belongs to Pope’s family.

One of the big developments this season was John B. reuniting with his father, whom he believed was dead. He and Big John continue their trek for the gold, but run into many hardships along the way. On the flip side, when Ward Cameron resurfaces in the Outer Banks, he and Sarah do not have a happy reunion, since their father-daughter relationship will forever be strained.

Through this hard time, she rediscovers her lost connection with her ex-boyfriend, Topper, and she ends up cheating on John B. with him. This escalates to a violent fight between the two boys, but Sarah ultimately is able to get back together with John B. and they work strongly together in the end. But, due to Topper’s anger, he ends up burning down John B.’s house with many people inside and presses charges against Routledge. 

Finally, in the last episode of the season, the city of El Dorado was found, and John B. and the whole gang worked together to finally end up with the gold. That city is blown up though, along with Carlos Singh in order to save the others. And, surprisingly, at a fight to the death, Ward ends up sacrificing himself for his daughter and dies.

The episode continued with Big John Routledge, John B.’s father, dying after getting shot, but he was finally able to reach his life’s discovery of the gold with his son. 

Eight months later, the Pogues are being rewarded for their efforts in finding this long lost treasure. Everyone is living their best lives and all seems to be secure. But there are still many questions left unanswered, specifically Topper and Rafe and what they will do next. At the very last few minutes, news of a new treasure is brought up to the Pogues, which is that of the famous pirate, Blackbeard.

Maria Zolog (11) notes that “it’s super fast paced and there’s a lot of plot twists that make you second guess everything.”

Luckily, all these questions will be answered, since Outer Banks has already been renewed for a season four! Woogity woogity!