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U.S. Handling of Affairs Diminishes its Global Perception

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Aliso Niguel Theater Company Plans to Perform

October 18, 2020

Through Nov. 12-14, the Aliso Niguel Theater Company is scheduled to release production of “A Midsummer...

CUSD Students Fighting Against Racism

October 18, 2020

    Students in the Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) combat racial injustice by spreading...

Senior Sunrise During the Pandemic

October 18, 2020

On Aug. 24, 2020, a senior sunrise event was organized at Salt Creek Beach as an attempt to bring the...

Recent Sports Stories

October 11, 2020

  As everyone is wondering how sports are doing, the main question is how is Aliso Niguel’s varsity...

Sports Adjust During the Pandemic

October 11, 2020

    As the fall season begins, so do sports like football, cross country and water polo, adjusting...

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September 15, 2020

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Professional Sports Leagues Fight for Social Justice

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Hobbies Born from Boredom

October 18, 2020

    Students have discovered new ways to kill time at home while COVID-19 rages in the outside...

October 18, 2020

 Aliso students attempt to manage work and social life during the school year, and most of these believe...

Guide to Having Fun Safely During the Pandemic

October 18, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic restricts people from meeting others at risk of passing the virus, there are...

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