Chainsaw Man Anime Review

The popular manga “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently released an anime adaption last month after popular request. A new episode airs every Tuesday at 9 AM PST on popular streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll and Hulu. 

The story follows a teenage boy named Denji as he enters the world of “devil hunting” after the death of his pet devil Pochita. He is found by Makima, the head of a devil hunting agency, and is soon partnered with Aki Hayakawa, an experienced devil hunter, and Power, a devil herself. Throughout the story, Denji meets new characters and grows closer with Makima, Power, and Aki as they face troubling situations and grow a newfound friendship. Although not aired yet, the rest of “Chainsaw Man” leaves a lasting impression on many of the readers–and will probably do the same for those who watch the anime. 

So far, the anime has left fans more than satisfied. MAPPA, a popular animation studio in Japan, took on animating “Chainsaw Man” and has done an excellent job. Fans on social media have admired the graphics and the execution of the manga into the anime. At the end of every episode, MAPPA has animated a different ending each time with songs from popular Japanese artists, such as ZUTOMAYO, which has left fans even more impressed with the show. 

Many are just finding out about the popular manga when the anime came out, which has caused a new fanbase to grow for the author, Fujimoto. Social media platforms are filled with edits or screencaps from the anime, giving exposure to the show and introducing a new audience to Fujimoto’s work. 

Currently, the manga is still running and is on part two of the story, which would be the second season of the anime. 

Although only six episodes are on air currently, many are awaiting the release of a new episode every week.