Best Horror Movies



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   With the return of Halloween this October, many students are getting into the holiday by watching scary movies. However, there are certainly some horror movies that are superior to others, whether they be cult classics or critically acclaimed. 

     One of the most iconic franchises would be John Carpenter’s “Halloween,” with the most recent addition being added in 2022. Villain Michael Myers, a fan favorite slasher, terrorizes the town of Haddonfield, Illinois and Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. The franchise added a new trilogy beginning in 2019, are set as the sequels to the original “Halloween.” Audiences love the pure evil of Michel Myers and the heroism of final girl Strode, and their rivalry that has occurred since the 70s. 

    Mallia Nalick (12) says, “I love the ‘Halloween’ movies. Michael Myers is such a great and iconic villain. Also the merchandise is always so cool.”

   Another iconic horror franchise, also with a recent installment, is “Scream.” Returning in 2022 with its fifth installment, the new wave of “Scream” is just beginning with the return of a new Ghostface. With various other sequels set for years to come, and five movies currently available, “Scream” offers up a perfect movie marathon for Halloween night. 

   Ariel Chrintesn (10) says, “I loved the new ‘Scream’ movie. It was so cool to see them come back, and I loved the great twist ending at the end. It paid a fitting tribute to the original.” 

   Other popular slashers such as “Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Chucky” are all timeless Halloween classics. Moving away from slashers, “The Conjuring” trilogy offers a unique twist on the paranormal horror genre, while “The Blair Witch Project” offers a found footage form of terror. 

    More recent horror movies separate from a franchise include Jordan Peele’s “Nope.” “Nope” provides a balance of psychological terror as well as plenty of comedic elements. Peele’s other films, “Get Out” and “Us” also use horror as an avenue of social commentary. Peele continuously keeps his audience guessing, and creates thrillers that keep the audience thinking even after the credits roll. 

   Blumhouse films are also notable horror movies, the most recent being “The Black Phone” starring Ethan Hawke. The variety in the Blumhouse repertoire allows for a wide selection. A simple movie can be viewed, as well as the option for something more complex if needed. 

    Another modern trilogy is that of Netflix’s “Fear Street.” It tells the story of a town haunted by various serial killers over the course of three years: 1994, 1978, 1666. Based on the works of R.L. Stine, “Fear Street” offers a much more terrifying tale compared to his famed “Goosebumps” books and movies. It is unique in the sense that it is not a part of a major franchise, and provides a new original story. 

     The newest horror movies to grace the silver screen this year include “Halloween Ends,” “Smile,” “Prey for the Devil,” and “The Invitation.” All films are recent releases, and almost all offer an original story, rather than a franchise continuation. 

       Overall, there’s a variety of options when picking the perfect horror movies, and a variety of sub genres within horror itself. Horror offers the opportunity for everyone to be scared, while also portraying a plethora of various stories from all likes.