Dune Review


As movie theatres begin to return to normal operation, many moviegoers have gone to see the new movie Dune. The movie is based off of the 1965 novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. The new film is playing in theatres, but is also available to stream on HBO Max. 

   The movie tells the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) as he travels to the most dangerous planet in his universe to represent his family and ensure their future. The planet is home to an invaluable resource and war breaks out amongst the Ateides family and others. 

   The film also stars Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Issac as other characters in the story. The movie is about two hours and 35 minutes long, covering the plot of the first book in the Dune series. 

Ms. Torres, an Honors English 1 and AP Language teacher, and fan of the book Dune, says that the film “changed her life…[and felt] very true to the book.”

Yasmine Adam’s (11) also says, “I really enjoyed the movie. It was very entertaining and had a good story, but it did feel a bit long at times.”

   While the movie is visually stunning, the plot may be confusing for some viewers. Those who have read the book have stated that they loved the movie and how it kept the original story. However, newer viewers have become somewhat confused over the plot, as the movie’s vocabulary is unique to its universe. 

   However, most have said that they enjoyed the film overall and its themes. The plot of  Dune is largely based on anti-colonization, allowing many to enjoy the message and social commentary woven into the sci-fi adventure.   

   Overall, the movie has been a massive success and is an incredible film. If you enjoy science fiction movies with an addition of some social commentary, Dune is a great film for you.