New & Popular Shows


Due to COVID-19 many people have taken to binging many episodes of many different tv shows. Some of these tv shows have gained popularity and many fans have been waiting for new seasons. Many of those tv shows have released new seasons and there have been many new shows released that have gained a lot of popularity as well.

One of the many popular shows that released new seasons is On My Block. It released its fourth and final season with 10 episodes on Oct. 4. On IMDB it has 95 percent rotten tomatoes and an 8/10 rating.

One new show that has taken the world by storm is Squid Game. It is a South Korean tv show about players that get invited to play childhood games to win a large sum of money. But there is a twist on this cash prize, the players must win six different games and if they lose they die. It aired on Netflix on Sept. 17 with nine episodes.

Grey’s Anatomy is coming out with its 18th season. Currently only three episodes are out and the first episode aired on Sept. 30.

Sex Education has taken populairty on Netflix. It has three seasons, its third has only been on air since last month.

An oldie, but a goodie, the Voice is back with a new judge this season, Ariana Grande. This will be the show’s 21 season with already eight episodes out, the latest being aired on Oct. 12. The next two episodes will be aired on Oct. 18 and Oct. 19.

With all of these new or popular shows out, it gives a lot of people the opportunity to start to binge watch all of these amazing shows in their spare time.