What is at Stake for the Election


Jordan Brown, Staff Writer

  The upcoming election is not a vote between Trump and Biden; it is a vote for the future of our country. There are serious risks associated with both candidates that should be considered by voters.

   When interviewed about climate change, President Trump reported, “I don’t think science knows.” 

    He was presented with data of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in places such as Death Valley and LA, yet he ignored the evidence presented to him. Trump also dismantled the Clean Power Plan, which made it cost-effective to close harmful power sources and replace them with renewable options. Trump’s re-election would cause harm globally, for he disregards the damage already caused. 

     During the Democratic National Convention, former President Barack Obama used strong language against Trump, and he urged America to instead vote for Biden. 

 Obama stressed for the citizens to vote “because that’s what is at stake right now. Our democracy.”

       Yet another risk is healthcare. As Biden points out,  Trump has yet to come up with a comprehensive plan to replace Obama Care in his four years of presidency. Trump has been slow to help those in need with the coronavirus since it has first affected the US.; however, he signed an order to protect people with preexisting conditions five days before the debate. He chose to wait this long to assist such people in need of publication; not because he cared about the health of citizens. 

      Although there are many risks involved with Trump, there are also risks with Biden’s presidency. Biden has kept quiet about what he is running for. One of his main topics is that he understands living through hardships, just like those that most Americans are currently facing. Nevertheless, it is important to note that many are voting for him simply because they are willing to vote for anyone other than Trump. 

     Citizens do not know what he has to offer if he became president in the upcoming election. Biden boasts about the past on his website, with little to no mention of the future. Biden has made no efforts to advocate his new promises, as he appears content with the changes he has already made. Choosing Biden means entering uncharted territory. 

     In response to questions about the climate plan, Biden tells Trump, “ The Green New Deal is not in my plan.” He plans to put forth the “Biden Plan”, instead of following a system already in place, to address climate change and inequality. 

    There are risks with both presidential candidates for the 2020 election. Education about these topics and registering to vote is more important now than ever before.