Boy’s Tennis Aces the Final Stretch

  As we approach the conclusion of April, we approach the final end of the season stretch for boys tennis at Aliso. They have played exceptionally well thus far and look to ride this momentum to end the season on a high note.

  After undergoing significant changes to games and practices last year due to COVID restrictions, the team was able to return back to regular routines in practice, which have significantly improved the team’s skill development over time. There were often combined practices with all teams that often prevented the athletes from getting more time on the court. Now, the practices consist of improving serving techniques, volleying others one another, hitting ground strokes, and even playing practice games against teammates, which have all been extremely helpful in restoring the old routines and schedules.

  After starting the season in Feb. with a stellar record of 4-1 (4 wins and 1 lose), their season has been highlighted by wins against San Juan Hills on Feb. 24 (16-2) and Trabuco Hills on Mar. 2 (16-2). The team has been no stranger to big blowout wins as they started out the season with an average win margin of about 12 to 13 points. 

  Now, the team has two more matches against El Toro High School on April 19 at 3 p.m. and at San Clemente High School on April 21 at 3 p.m. The team looks to finish the season off on a high note after starting the season blazing hot.

  However, similar to the end of other sports, several seniors are entering the home stretch of their tenure on the Aliso Niguel High School Boys Tennis Team. They look forward to making the most of these last couple weeks playing the sport they have loved for four years now.