Boy’s Golf Swings into the New Season

Aliso Niguel Boys Golf has started their season and they look forward to continuing forward. This year’s team features several great players who have been competing on the team for several years, as well as a few new players who have brought a breath of fresh air to an already strong team. 

  This year’s captains are Joseph Higgins (12) and Lucas Pitet (12), who have both been members of Aliso Niguel’s golf program throughout their time in high school. They have been able to compete on a high level for years on many different courses like the Aliso Viejo Country Club and the El Niguel Country Club.

  Another member of the team, Kyle An (12), who has committed to playing for the University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA) men’s golf team has just recently won the Pasadena City Championship on Mar. 28. He sunk a birdie putt that gave him the best score of 66, which edged out Lingkun Kong of Arcadia, CA who scored a 67. The win was historic as the Pasadena City Championship is one of the most illustrious tournaments in high school golf in Southern California.

  Dillon Kim (12) has also had numerous highlights for his season as he has had some great rounds at the Aliso Viejo Country Club and El Niguel Country Club. 

  For many, this will be their final season on the golf team at Aliso. As they compete throughout the season, they are also reflecting on their time in the program.

  Dillon Kim (12), a four year golf athlete, said “Being on the golf team has definitely been an enjoyable experience to have. Whether it be through playing at country clubs, seeing my teammates, swinging pure shots down the fairway, or joining in high school golf tournaments, all these things have been an amazing experience for me and something that I will never forget after I leave high school.”

  As the golf season continues for the boys, they look forward to finishing strong. The team looks forward to making more memories with their teammates while also improving on their skills and developing their swing. Although next season, they will miss their seniors, they look forward to staying strong and finishing this season on top.