Top Ten Sports Stories of 2021

  • Braves Win the World Series

The Braves were able to overcome all of the challenges that faced them in the 2021 season. They lost one of their best players, Ronald Acuña Jr., to a knee injury, but they were still able to make it to the playoffs with having the lowest wins out of all teams at 88. Then a miracle happened where they won the World Series. 

  • 2020 Summer Olympics in 2021

One thing everyone was worried about this past year was the Olympics. In 2020 they got postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. Japan was a hot spot when it came to the virus last year. Many of the rules and regulations changed. For example they kept going back and forth on whether or not spectators would be allowed to enter the stadiums, or areas to watch the athletes. But the Olympics went off and many memorable moments were made for the athletes and their families and countries.

  • Simone Biles Drops out of Summer Games

The Olympics was supposed to be the stage for Simone Biles to say that she is the greatest gymnast of all time, but that did not happen. She was going through a lot of mental issues and ended up dropping out of almost all the events she was supposed to participate in. She only participated in part of the team and balance beam event. 

  • Buccaneers win the Super Bowl

With a bit of luck and a lot of talented players the Buccaneers were able to win the Super Bowl. Their season did not start off the greatest and they were lucky enough to secure a wild card spot. That is when things started to take off of them. With Tom Brady at the head of the team, he was able to lead them to the win and his seventh championship.

  • USMNT fails to qualify for the Olympics again

This US men’s national soccer team has failed to qualify for the Olympics since 2008. In this past qualifying round they lost 2-1 against Honduras. Many people were wondering if the team would ever qualify for the Olympics again.

  • Bucks Win the NBA Finals

The Bucks faced the Phoenix Suns for the NBA championship. Without the help from Giannis Antetokounmpo the Bucks might not have won. He was able to put up 50 points in Game 6. That led to Antetokounmpo to become the seventh player in NBA history to score 50 points in an NBA Final game.

  • Christian Eriksen Collapsed at Euro 2020

In a group match against Finland and Denmark, Denmark’s midfielder, Christian Eriksen, suddenly collapsed on the pitch. He was experiencing cardiac arrest. He was dead for five minutes until medics at the stadium rushed in and revived him. He was then sent to the hospital where he made a recovery. This incident led to many players and soccer fans all over the world wish him and his family the best during such a scary time.

  • Italy wins Euro 2020

Euro 2020 was sadly postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. This led to many soccer fans sad to not see their country possibly win the tournament. When June of 2021 hit all soccer fans were finally excited to see who would win. In the final for Euro 2020 it was England versus Italy. Italy ended up winning the tournament by beating England in a penalty shoot out with a score of 3-2.

  • Lightning Win Stanley Cup

It is the Tampa Bay Lightning second, consecutive win for the Stanley Cup. They defeated the Montreal Canadiens’ for the first Canadian championship since 1993. 

  • Suni Lee wins Gold in All-Around

This 18 year old dream came true at the Olympics when she won gold in the all-around event. Simone Biles was supposed to compete in this event and was predicted to win, but when she dropped out the pressure to win gold for the US went to Suni Lee. Lee became the fifth consecutive American to win gold in this event.