Girl’s Tennis


Aliso Niguel High School Girls tennis team has had a successful season so far. On Thursday Oct. 21 the girls ended their season in first place, after beating out Dana Hills High School in the last match. The girls were extremely happy to have all their hard work pay off, especially after having an altered season last year due to COVID-19. 

Claire Stokes (12), one of the three team captains of the Varsity Girl’s team explains “Our season was great. We had an undefeated season and ended first in the league. I’m so proud of the entire team”. 

Claire and many of her fellow teammates were extremely proud of one another for having a season of zero losses, a very big accomplishment. Chloe Gladstone (11) explains “I love my tennis team because they are all so supportive and help me play to the best of my abilities”. 

Although the season is over, the girls are now in CIF, California Interscholastic Federation. Their first round was played against Santa Margarita, a local private school that Aliso Niguel does not play in the regular league. The round was played on Nov. 3rd at home, and the team won 12-6. They made it to the second round, which was played on Nov. 5th against Camarillo Highschool at home once again and won 13-5. 

Quarterfinals was played on Nov. 8th against