Last Hopes for Football


 The last two away games for the Aliso Niguel’s Wolverines haven’t been what they hoped for. Losing to both El Toro 31-17 and Trabuco Hills 30-14. Although these were big losses, Aliso Niguel has very high hopes going into their last league game. 

  The Aliso Niguel’s Varsity Football team’s last league game is Oct. 29th against Capistrano Valley. This game has very high stakes because if Aliso Niguel loses, the 2021-2022 season comes to an end. If they win, they can continue to play in the postseason.

  The league that Aliso Niguel is in is called Sea View which is packed with many strong teams such as El Toro, Capistrano Valley, Trabuco Hills, and Aliso Niguel. El Toro is currently 1st in the league with a record of 2-0. Aliso Niguel is last with a record of 0-2. Capistrano Valley is 1-1, being second in the league.

  With this being said, many Aliso Niguel players are very confident that they will win and continue the season. After making big changes to the offense and finally settling down, we are all excited to see Aliso Niguel’s improvement. Hunter Najm (10) stepped in to play unexpectedly against Trabuco Hills and didn’t disappoint for being an underclassmen. The Aliso Niguel Football team faces an exciting future with Hunter being the new quarterback for the next couple of years. With having such a young quarterback stepping in, the offense had to adjust in many different ways, such as creating different plays designed for Hunter and his skills. This obviously was a major setback for the Aliso Niguel Wolverine but as more time went on it seems they have worked around this.