Girls Tennis Keeps on Swinging

Girls Tennis kicked off the 2021 season with Varsity taking first place in their opening match.

The match was a home game played against El Toro High School on Aug. 26. With their first win, the start of the tennis season for Varsity appears to be going well, and shows definite promise for future matches.

“I’m glad we started off our first game with a win,” says Varsity player Alyssa Chiu.

They hope to continue to win matches throughout their fall season, and based on their track records as a successful team, this feat should be easily feasible for the talented players on girls varsity tennis. 

Girls JV Tennis has also led a promising start to their season by winning 18-0 against El Toro during their first game of the season. 

On Sep. 1 and Sept. 2, both girls tennis teams will face off in a two day tournament against Beckam, where they hope to win first place.

 When asked about the season so far, JV player Leanne Radieddine said, “I think our team will do well against them because everyone on the team is a great player. I personally love tennis, and I definitely have a passion for playing it.”

It seems that both JV and Varsity tennis will have a successful season this fall, based on their wins and track record in previous seasons.