Hybrid Students Go Back Online


Hybrid students at lunch.

     As the Aliso hybrid students return to school, we all wonder how it is going so far? Resources say that most students are switching back to online. They are switching back because they are doing what they have been doing for the past 2 months, yet at school with a mask on and getting their temperature taken while always having to wash their hands and social distance. I guess if that’s the social experience you want, going to school is just for you. Most kids that have switched back online said it was the best decision they have made because it’s less stressful. I don’t blame them considering the fact that going to school brings with it the risk of coming in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus. 

     The worst thing about it is how we have two groups of teal and silver, which at first is a great idea, but it’s wasting the teachers’ time by sitting in the classroom teaching with a mask on with only one student in there. The staff has made changes to change students from hybrid silver to hybrid teal to help the teachers, but that sucks for the student to change the days. Also with the students going back to school, it has led to online kids feeling neglected and scared to email because some teachers don’t email back. Since there is no tutorial to ask teachers questions, the online kids are left with questions unanswered and grades unfixed. 

     We know the staff and teacher at Aliso Niguel are doing their best to make sure everyone is happy and we appreciate them for that. So hopefully later in the 2020 school year, this will get more organized, or more students will switch to online due to the stress and extra work they did when they were going to school in person. The teachers at Aliso are also doing so well and have the patience to still teach kids through a mask and screen.