CUSD and Hoag Presents Mental Health Resources for Students

     The online school year has been difficult for so many students due to not having the same routine of going to school and it has been proven to be harder for many to keep track of their schoolwork. Not only have students been assigned work relating to mental health and bringing it more to attention but as well as hosting different webinars to help both parents and students.

     Bringing into light the issue of mental health, a lot of the modules have been focusing on issues of anxiety and depression. It also helps the student get resources and advice on how to deal with these issues as well as explains the reasoning behind what they are experiencing. 

      On Oct. 20, since it is National Bullying Month, CUSD stated, “National Bullying Prevention Month focuses on kindness, inclusion, and acceptance to prevent bullying.” 

     The webinar allows parents to hear from mental health experts at Hoag and it helps explain how to provide support, encouragement and help navigate today’s new reality during the transition from regular life to quarantine life and learning online.

      There are also informational pamphlets given out during the webinar, allowing for parents to learn more about the different types of bullying and how to handle it. It is very important for parents and other children to understand the difficulties their children and others may be experiencing due to not only the quarantine but also school. This will help children feel more understood and was created due to the harsh reality of school.

      Another module that has been assigned is one for college as well, mostly done for seniors and juniors. Even though many people may think these things are uselessly integrating it into the course for English, it allows for more awareness and understanding of issues. Over each week, a new module or course is added to the curriculum on different issues and this will continue for the year, hosted by the Capistrano Unified School District.