Saddleback Summer School

 Taking summer classes at Saddleback can be very helpful to students who want to take an extra class that they enjoy that either isn’t offered at Aliso Niguel High School, or doesn’t fit in their schedule. Unfortunately, students cannot fulfill any graduation requirements through Saddleback, so English and history classes are not allowed. Many students use this opportunity to complete a visual and performing arts (VPA) class, which is required for many colleges, most notably the Cal States and UCs. 

  The Summer 2022 class courses have been released and applications are now open for students to apply. Students can register at using the link at the top of the page that says “Apply Now.” Applicants should then select “High School Students” and follow the instructions laid out on the page. 

  Students will first need to complete an application and send it in through the online platform. At this time, they will also create their Saddleback account, which will be important for the rest of the application process. 

  Applicants can then complete and submit a K-12 Special Admission Request Form. This form must be signed by the school counselor, principal, and the student’s parent or guardian. Ms. Wood, one of the counselors at school, has said that counselors will only sign off on one class per summer in order to not add too much stress over the summer. 

  Once the form is signed, students can then officially register for their class and pay the fees for enrollment. 

  Unfortunately, classes taken at Saddleback are not weighted like honors and AP classes. According to Mrs. Wood, students do not have to put Saddleback classes on their transcripts if it will bring their grade point average (GPA) down. Students can submit their Saddleback transcripts to the college they are applying to and that college could choose to weigh the grades if they want to. 

  Applications for summer classes at Saddleback are open now, and the class options can be found on the website. Classes can be taken both online or in-person, depending on class available and personal preference.