Guidance Undergoes Some Changes

Dorsa Danesh, Staff Writer


  With the start of the new school year, there are some new changes to the Aliso Niguel Guidance Department. ANHS Guidance serves to help their students with counseling on academic goals, career goals, personal needs, and social needs. Therefore, it’s important for students to get to know their new guidance counselors and help them feel welcome here at Aliso. 

  Friday, Sept. 25, was Ms. Dittrich’s, the guidance counselor for last names CH-F, last day. She is moving to another high school in Orange County. For the time being, Ms. Alvarez will be taking over guidance counseling for students with last names CH-F. 

  This comes at an interesting time for high school seniors, as the letter of recommendation packets for college applications due between Nov. 1, 2020 and Jan. 10, 2021 were also due on Sept. 25 (Ms. Dittrich’s last day). Requests submitted after Wednesday will be taken over by Ms. Alvarez, so if students have submitted their packets on Sept. 24 or Sept. 25, they need to share their packets with Ms. Alvarez. 

  The current Academic Advisors are: for last names A-CE, Ms. Pulfer; for last names JU-McK, Ms. Koyama; for last names STI-Z, Ms. Wood; for last names CH-F, Ms. Alvarez; for last names McL-P, Ms. Bowen; for last names G-JO, Ms. Koyama; for last names Q-STE, Ms. Whiteside.

  For more information and where to contact your advisor, check under the “Contact Us” tab in the “Guidance” section of the official ANHS website. While the deadline for Letter of Recommendation packets for college deadlines due between Nov. 1, 2020 and Jan. 10, 2021 has passed, the Letter of Recommendation packet for any application deadline after Jan. 10, 2021 is due on Oct. 16, 2020. A link to the Letter of Recommendation packet can be found in the ANHS Guidance newsletter emails or through the school website.