Students Should Be Able to Change Wolverine+ Schedules

The new tutorial scheduling app, Enriching Students, brings several problems along with its original purpose of organizing for the Wolverine+ period and accounting for all students more effectively.

The creation of Wolverine+ in the 2022-2023 school year led to a new and unprecedented experience for students. They now have to schedule themselves for the tutorial periods between Friday the previous week at 10:25 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. on Monday. Students who forget are randomly scheduled to the Wolverine+ of any of their class periods. This is the new standard for all tutorial periods aside from extraneous scheduled days such as assemblies or advisory days typically assigned to show videos about important school notices.

However, several problems arise in the scheduling and execution of the schedule such as complaints about the inability to reschedule once the deadline is past, as well as keeping track of which class to go to. The main problem remains that students cannot change which class they scheduled for past Monday at 3:15 p.m., which begs why students are required to commit to the class they scheduled for at least four days previous.

In the many hectic school schedules, sometimes short notice is unavoidable, and tests and quizzes are often given partways into the week with no news of it up to the week before. This leaves students unable to go to tutorial for extra help and studying because they cannot change their schedules.

Eunnie Wu (11), a student with many extracurricular activities, agrees, “I’d really appreciate it if I could change my Wolverine+ because bothering my teachers is a complete waste of time.“ 

Instead of accommodating students to adjust their schedules themselves by need, only teachers can change tutorial assignments after the Monday deadline. This leads to students constantly bothering teachers by asking for tutorial changes, creating extra work for these teachers. 

Mrs. Klasna, an English teacher at Aliso, says about the Wolverine+ system, “I think it’s kind of a flaw in the system that students can’t make last minute changes very easily, and teachers are being lightly discouraged to change it for them.”

Students need flexibility in their schedules and often have changes throughout the week, and it is unfair to only allow them to schedule at the beginning of the week.

This development in the school was supposed to help students organizationally and academically, but instead ended up an inconvenience and worry. This unnecessary stress comes from having to remember to schedule these tutorials and be alert as to which class they are going to.

Furthermore, the occasional rescheduling and fact that the deadline is days before most of the days where students will actually go to their Wolverine+, some end up going to the wrong class. This also results in some punishment such as students being marked truant with no possibility of fixing it even though they were actually at school and not, in fact, truant.

Instead of punishing students for their errors, the school might consider finding a way to reduce the amount of students going to the wrong class such as allowing students to change their tutorials. The purpose of the deadline is unclear, and it seems to have more related issues than benefits.

Compared to past styles of tutorial with assigned days and student choice days, the Wolverine+ system appears to be the strictest of all of them. Students may be better accounted for, but the new system still created more work on the part of the teachers and students. Better methods could have been used to adjust the problem of missing students during tutorial. It is unclear if using Wolverine+ has really even fixed this problem of tutorial absences.

Students should be allowed to change their Wolverine+ classes and schedules without needing to approach teachers, as this particular aspect of the system does not benefit anyone or accomplish anything that removing the deadline would undermine.