College Deadlines Are Closing In

Seniors dread the arrival of college application deadlines this November. Additionally, seniors are put on early admission to colleges by submitting applications sooner, fueling extra pressure to surpass other applicants. Especially with decreased admission rates, seniors are put on edge with a high possibility of getting rejected.

To those aiming for Universities of California and California State Universities, UC and CSU applications are due Nov. 30, 2022. Fortunately, private school applications are spread out around the year, providing seniors with the opportunity to pace themselves.

The three key components to keep in mind when doing college applications are making a list to track all of the possible colleges, beginning to draft college essays as soon as possible, and making sure that the possible college list is well-balanced. It is important to apply to reachable schools because stepping into college from high school requires a reasonable mentality. 

Countless seniors tend to forget that they must prioritize time in order to ease the anxiety when applying. Starting senior year is extremely tough to get by when application deadlines are getting close and there is way more than enough school work to occupy time. Taking time for themselves may even open up a new motivation to make the best application possible.

Mrs. Nguyen reaches out to all seniors who are in need of help when applying for colleges, emphasizing, “You are never going through the application process alone. We [the guidance counselors and college aids] will always be here to support you.”

The school’s College Corner in Room 500 is open from 7:30 am to 3:45 pm, including Wolverine+ time. Students are able to arrange an appointment to get their essays revised and additional questions answered with the help of Aliso Niguel’s staff. The faculty stresses that students should utilize teachers and school counselors to the best of their ability.

Mrs. Liegler, the school’s counselor for last names Sm-Z, provides a deeper insight for seniors when writing college essays: “You should reflect and think of who you are as a human being. Your acceptance into a college does not depend on just your grades but on you holistically.”

Juggling school work and extracurricular activities, seniors struggle with managing their time for college applications. Whether that be setting aside an entire day each week to work on applications or limiting outside activities, finding an organized, but also realistic schedule is a necessity. Seniors are required to commit themselves to their applications, specifically if they have colleges they want to go to.

“I try to squeeze in college apps whenever I can, which usually means pretty late at night because that’s when I’m free, or whenever I have free time during class. I always try to fill out a few things here and there,” says Kiara Azuma (12).

With all the stress involved with college applications, draining mental health is very hard to avoid. On the bright side, college application season will only be a temporary fragment of senior year. Seniors are gifted with the unforgettable experience from the overwhelmingness of drafting college essays to the relief of a submitted application.