SpaceX Launch


SpaceX is set to launch its most recent rocket, the Heavy Falcon 9. It is a partially reusable medium vehicle that is able to carry cargo as well as crew into the Earth’s orbit. This launch is especially exciting for the company because the Falcon Heavy Rocket has not flown since 2019. 

This rocket is set to launch Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2022. It is currently the most powerful rocket that is currently flying. While there has been a drought in launches for this rocket specifically, there have been several launches with the workhorse Falcon 9 rocket. 

The overall mission of the Falcon Heavy is to carry humans into space. This would be an instrument in the Company’s long term goal of enabling crewed missions to fly to the Moon. With its capacity to lift over 64 metric tons, it is currently one of the most powerful operational satellites in the world.

Many wonder why this rocket has not been launched for three years, and part of the answer is the rocket’s impressive muscle power. The satellite operators do not necessarily need a vehicle that can deliver 70 tons of payload to low Earth orbit. Therefore, they end up going with cheaper medium-lift options like the Falcon 9. The heavy Falcon 9 rocket goes for almost $30 million more than the original. 

A space industry analyst claims that the bigger vehicles are needed by the government, more than any private companies. However, another reason why the rocket has not launched for a considerable amount of time is the fact that the delivery of the spacecraft is also an issue. Similar to the USSF-44, who was supposed to lift off in late 2020, there were payload issues. Several planned Falcon Heavy launches have been pushed back greatly because of their issues with the satellites. 

SpaceX is excited to launch this rocket, and is also working on one of their newer creations, which is a rocket called Starship. The company believes this rocket will outlast the current Falcon Heavy 9. It is predicted that the Starship could go on its first orbital test within the next few months and then fully become launchable in the next year or two. However, it is forecasted that the demands for heavier rockets will persist. There does not seem to be that many viable solutions to fix this, and considerable improvements will need to be made to ensure more heavy-load rockets are able to launch.

Although the Falcon Heavy 9 is considered the most powerful rocket in the world, there are some other rockets waiting to claim that title, set to launch in later 2022. The NASA Space Launch STS system is set to launch toward the end of November, which would send the Artemis 1 mission around the moon. The SLS is expected to give off 15% more thrusts than the mid-century moon landing rockets, and has considerably more thrust than the Falcon Heavy 9. 

As more advanced spacecraft are developed, the sky is no longer the only limit. Companies like SpaceX are looking forward to sending crew on ambitious Mars missions, but that is something of the future.