Homecoming Review

This year, the Aliso Niguel High School’s Homecoming was held on Oct. 22 starting at 7 p.m. and ending around 10 p.m. Students were offered the opportunity to buy tickets throughout the months leading up and were glad they did when they entered the dance. 

After having to wait in a long line and getting checked by the over protective security, one is able to walk down their very own red carpet, fitting for the blockbuster theme. In the freshmen area, there were many different activities open for students including karaoke and table football. When not playing games, many decided to stop by the PTSA snack table and find a selection of different options.

Located near the gym was the coat check in which students were able to drop off their bags or jackets, instead of having to carry them around all night. There were many excited for the ice cream truck that handed out some childhood favorites including ice cream sandwiches and strawberry shortcakes. One could also get a nice energy boost at the coffee bar that had both cold and warm drink options.

But overall, the real showstopper had to be the dance floor. There was a live DJ that played many of the hit songs of our generation that made people jump up and down. A mosh pit was made throughout the night that crowded many people, but it made the excitement grow even more.

Located around the dance floor was the SCAT ride that had a very long line for hours due to the thrill it brought to each rider. There were also the swings, which had a smaller line due to the noticeable lack of energy in the ride.

There was also a photo booth from last year that creates a small digital flash of your pictures that can be sent directly to your phone. The decorations behind included Thor and a storytelling book, seeming fit for the movie theme that was displayed throughout the school.

Samantha Smith (11) says that “the photo booth was so fun and the music was pretty bad.”

There were many similar opinions about the music. 

Ayla Scott (11) said that “this DJ sucks.”

Although he played many different arrangements, many students agreed that there could have been more exciting beat drops and fast paced dance music. There were dance circles made throughout the blacktop, but not everyone was able to enjoy themselves at times due to the high security and strict rules.

And although the SCAT ride was fun, it was known to give many students headaches or a scared feeling that may not be good for a large group of energetic teenagers. At times, the rides had to be shut down due to the equipment not working correctly, which angered some. 

To end the night, the DJ played his own version of “Sweet Caroline” that brought it home for all the attendees. The homecoming royalty, Milad Davaran (12) and Aiyana Williams (12) were also there to celebrate the night away together. From the queen herself, Williams thinks that “homecoming was a blast. I love all the activities they had just wished they played better music…all the volunteers were super nice and helped with the process of making everything more efficient and safe.”

 In the end, although there may have been some mishaps, homecoming was definitely a night to remember.