Ukraine War Update

On Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine after NATO, a military alliance of 30 countries, refused to stop expanding eastward, or in other words prohibit Ukraine from joining them.

Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict for eight years now and have been at war for eight of those 104 months. Having the service of NATO, whose purpose is to defend their countries, is a major advantage for Ukraine and a threat against Russia. 

Considering Ukraine is both a smaller and less artillery-equipped country than Russia Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president had not expected to be met with so much resistance when he sent his troops to their capital, Kyiv, causing them to retreat after a month. 

 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president, voices his judgment on Russia’s leadership saying, “You have already lost. Lost because even now, on the 224th day of the full-scale war, you are forced to explain to your people the purpose of all this — this war, deceitful mobilization, self-destruction of your nation’s every prospect.”

Putin had greatly underestimated Ukraine and as of now, Ukraine has the upper hand. A contributor to their success is their western support, their biggest donor is the United States, who has persistently sent them security and military service totaling $17.5 billion. This changed the logistics Putin had in mind which caused him to believe a quick and victorious war was in store for him. 

Ukraine continues to regain its territory, specifically 1,200 square miles of it. And a large part of this has been credited to how Ukrainians are as a people.

A military lawyer named Alex, recalls when they had no connection with the command and a group of women officers drove into Russian lines claiming to be civilians. They succeeded in giving the coordinates to their comrades leading to their rescue. With pride, Alex says,We used our brains. We are Ukrainians.” 

Despite Ukraine’s recent accomplishments, their tireless resistance must remain steady because they are at war and war has never been less than drastic. On Oct. 10, 2022 a cascade of missiles fell upon Ukraine leaving 20 dead and more than 100 injured. The power and water supply that it cut off is fortunately restoring quickly but remains damaged in many places as the attacks continue.

To many people, this is giving them the impression Russia is turning desperate to regain a footing in the war, and that it is a sign of weakness to be attacking them this way. 

Despite the many arising opinions and propaganda arising from the war what remains true is Ukraine is turning the tides of this war. 

In an attempt to reinforce their currently faltering defenses stumbling Russia has begun its draft. Currently of over 20,000 people, and are expecting to draft at least 300,000. Deaths are already being reported within days of being called in, some from suicides. 

The most repeated reaction the draft has caused is people fleeing the country. More than 400,000 Russians have already fled, the most known countries being  Kazakhstan, Turkey, Finland, and Serbia. 

Following the drafts and missile attacks, Putin has also been threatening to go nuclear. Russia is one of the largest producers of nuclear energy, for Putin to be threatening nuclear response in the war is intimidating but people are calling his bluff. Such as our president, who responds to the threats by saying, 

“Well, I don’t think he will, but I think that it’s irresponsible for him to talk about it.”

It is unknown how this war will end but it is clear that it will go down in history along with a hundred others.