Measure G: The AV School Bond

  Election day is right around the corner, and this year a bond for Aliso Viejo schools is on the ballot. The bond is meant to improve both the basic facilities of schools, such as safety measures and cooling systems, as well as adding new buildings and repairing existing ones. 

    According to the AV Task Force, local funding is the only way to raise funds to upgrade school facilities. The bond will aid the community as real-estate values are linked to higher developed schools. To pass, Measure G needs a majority vote of 55%, and only those who are residents of Aliso Viejo are eligible to vote. 

    For Aliso Niguel, the passing of Measure G would result in the new construction of a two-story classroom building that would replace the portables, a new HVAC system, new exterior paint, and modernization of the existing PA system and fire alarms. It would also include the modernization of the pool deck equipment, lighting, and shade structure; modernization of the theater with upgraded seating, finishes, lighting, and sound; modernization of existing restrooms, an IT infrastructure upgrade, and new furniture    

       According to Luca Grecu, the chairwoman for the Aliso Parents for School Improvements political action committee (PAC), the push for the bond began after “Krista Castellanos invited AV parents to tour all 7 AV schools, and after seeing the conditions in our deteriorating schools the group decided to form the Aliso Viejo Task Force.”

    The task force is a “group of present and former AV parents, and Trustee Castellanos.”

     Krista Castellanos, the school board trustee for Aliso Viejo and liaison between the AV Task Force and the school district, states that “the district wanted the community to have a voice and become part of the process. The Task Force toured our schools, discussed facility needs, attended board meetings, engaged with district leadership, and played an active role in guiding the school bond work.” 

      The AV Task Force has been primarily focused on education and publicity for the passing of the bond. They have worked with all seven schools and PTAs in Aliso Viejo to officially endorse the Measure, G Bond. They canvass every weekend to eligible voters and spread information by going door to door. 

     “The AV Task Force believes that strong schools create strong communities,” says Trustee Castellanos. 

      Chairwoman Grecu believes that “Aliso Viejo children should have access to the same high-quality classrooms, science labs, and career technical training facilities as other students throughout Orange County,” considering Aliso schools are 30 years old and have not been updated.

     There are always many ways for both students and parents to get involved. Students and parents can go to the website to sign up for volunteer opportunities, learn more information, or to endorse the bond. Students themselves can take pictures of school facilities that are in need of repair, and post them on social media.