The New Rule of King Charles

As King Charles begins his reign as a new monarch, there have been many changes that officials are wary of. Queen Elizabeth II aimed to maintain strict official neutrality as the crown for her long reign. The monarchy itself is an institution that requires a large amount of money to sustain, and incorporates many arcane, complex traditions. 


Currently, Britain has experienced a rising tide of anti-royal sentiment, something that serves as a threat to the institution. The ascension of Charles to the throne raises questions in many minds, as people debate whether it will continue to hold its sovereign sway. 


Charles III has started by burinishing his ties to the royal family when he spoke from Buckingham palace. He reaffirmed the positions of Prince William and Kate, who are now named the Prince and Princess of Wales. Charles also expressed his love for his other son, Harry, along with his American wife Meghan Markle. This act was surprising for a few, as family relations between the royal family and Harry’s had been strained. 


There are a variety of issues that Charles has already been speaking about. 


For instance, Charles aims to focus more on climate change. When he spoke in the opening ceremony of the COP26 forum, he mentioned that the time to address climate change is now. He had mentioned that “we have to put ourselves on what might be a war-like footing.” He is one of the first members of the royal family to visit Rwanda and mark the country’s recovery from the 1994 Genocide.


In addition, Charles has not been reserved in expressing his views on the date change. He has posted several black spider memos, a reference to private letters in his scribbled handwriting. They address everything from the U.K.’s involvement in the war in Iraq and the availability of herbal alternative medicines. 


He has also been very upfront about the immigration policy. He has made a stark criticism of the new immigra policy from the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He welcomes any refugees from other countries.


Charles mentions that he will be changing a lot of his approaches on certain topics, such as politics. He mentions in an interview that an individual responsibility and publicity changes when one is ruling. Therefore, Charles has mentioned that he aims to keep his political opinion under wraps, and remain politically neutral.


In addition, Charles’ actions are said to be closely watched, regardless of the direction that he goes. Individuals believe that Charles will need to adapt to a different rule as compared with the reign of Queen Elizabeth.