Meet Mr. Marcell!

Starting this year, the newest addition to Aliso Niguel’s administration is Mr. Marcell. He serves as the Assistant Principal for students with the last names of O-Z. 

Mr. Marcell previously worked in the San Bernardino area at the Redlands Unified High School District for 20 years. During this time, he even helped found Citrus Valley High School from the ground up where he worked for 12 years. 

“The adjustment is going very well considering that there are amazing teachers, administration, and classified staff,” says Mr. Marcell in regards to how he was accommodating to the school. 

Now at Aliso Niguel, Mr. Marcell will be specifically overseeing facilities and technology along with his other responsibilities as an Assistant Principal. For instance, if a desk in a classroom needed to be replaced or the air conditioning was not working properly, Mr. Marcell would be in charge of getting it fixed.

Mr. Marcell explains that in his free time he enjoys “deep sea fishing, golfing and watching sports.” 

Furthermore, Mr. Marcell describes that he has always felt a calling to work with students. 

“There’s always a student out there who needs someone and I’m here for those students along with everyone else,” he adds. 

Another strong motivation in Mr. Marcell’s personal life is his faith, which guides him in his profession. 

As a new Assistant Principal, Mr. Marcell explains that his goal is to formulate a more intimate connection between the students and the administration to continue to ensure a welcoming environment for all members of Aliso Niguel. 

He and the rest of Aliso Niguel’s administration have begun to realize this by visiting English classes so students of all levels can become familiar with the staff at Aliso Niguel.