Safety on the Trail

As of late, the community of Aliso Viejo have become increasingly concerned about the safety of those who use the trail behind Aliso Niguel High School. This trail serves as a popular walking path for students who walk to and from school. However, because of recent events many students and other residents have been left with an uneasy feeling on using the trail.

A female student of Aliso Niguel was unfortunately approached and harassed by a man on the trail. Mr. Nichols explains that the man was given a no trespassing letter instructing him to remain away from Aliso Niguel. 

Currently, the perpetrator has been released on the account that his offense was only a misdemeanor. There is not much that can be done by our school proctors so long as he remains off of the actual campus. If he is spotted, proctors are to notify administrators in order for action to be taken to remove him from the school.Unless he were to enter school property, he is not technically committing a crime to the outrage of many.

The school is no stranger to danger on the trail. Just last year a man found to be a serial rapist was assaulting students from Aliso Niguel after school hours. Only after a year was he finally caught and arrested. 

What seemed to upset many students and staff alike was that there was no public announcement made by the school’s administration on the matter. Given that a large portion of Aliso Niguel’s students use the trail everyday, it was expected that parents and students would receive some information from the school regarding the situation and would potentially allow the public to be more informed. However, proctors are on high alert to ensure the safety of students but it does raise the question of how much can be done to protect students outside of campus and on the trail.