Relaxed Mask Mandates



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  As the mask mandate gets lifted on March 14 for both students and teachers, it is expected that this conflict of interest is a topic of heavy debate. While some feel that it would be better to keep the masks on, others wish to move forward and forego them. 

  This mask mandate doesn’t entirely get rid of the use of masks, as it recommends for students and staff to continue to use them, but ultimately leaves the choice of discretion to the individual. Those who have felt strongly for the mask mandate are likely to keep on their masks, and perhaps still try to maintain social distancing when possible. 

  Rakia Ba (12) states that she would like to keep her mask on, but understands that COVID-19 has significantly gone down from its heights. It is important that we keep this mentality in mind as we continue to go to school; while it is common to feel polarized and isolated with the constant mandates and regulations, we must continue to treat each other with respect despite the choices others decide to make.

  The relaxed mask mandate option also poses a challenge to teachers, who must also make a decision regarding their masks. The topic remains a heated debate for some, especially teachers who must balance the line between their own feelings about the masks and students’ opinions. 

  Some teachers, such as Mr. Biggs, have opted to generally forgo a mask in order to speak efficiently, but keep in mind students’ preferences and worries in a respectful manner. Most teachers have kept this mindset and continued to teach normally, with or without the mask. 

  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the 7-day average of hospitalizations for COVID-19 across the United States from March 2-8 was 3113 people, a 27.5 percent decrease from the previous week. This general decline has been part of the reason why we have been able to make an attempt at society before COVID-19. We must be careful, but lifting the mask mandate is one way people will stop arguing with one another. 

  Inevitably, over two years of the pandemic have tired people, and while society remains in conflict with one another, choosing our words wisely and understanding boundaries is important to regaining a normal life once again. The relaxed mask mandate is something that I’ve slightly feared due to its potential consequences, but it could help students become friendly with one another.