Valentine’s Day Grams

The most romantic holiday around, Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching, and Aliso Niguel has come prepared. ASB organized the sale of grams and later packaging and distribution to the receivers.

The grams were available for students to purchase from Jan. 19- Jan. 31 at lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday near the attendance window. To advertise the sale, ASB posted posters and papers all around campus as well as took to their Instagram to remind students to buy grams. 

The grams cost one dollar each, including a card to write a note, as well as the choice of a rose or conversation hearts. 

Several students took advantage of the activity, buying grams for their friends. 

Maya Deiser (10) shares “I thought [my friends] would’ve really liked the rose as a gift.”
Emily Chapman (10) also thought of her friends when purchasing grams, telling “I love my friends and other people and so I wanted to make cards for them.”

Jayme Chen (10) expands, saying “I’m very excited, all the messages are sweet and funny.”

ASB Junior Class President, Asli Bilgin (11) reports that students who bought a gram can expect them to be delivered on Valentine’s day to their recipient’s third period class. Continuing the Valentine’s day excitement that same day, ASB is hosting Valentine’s Day karaoke in the senior area at the front of the school.

Whether the gram is going to a classmate, friend, or someone special, it is always a perfect opportunity to share how much you appreciate others.