Wordle Takes Over

Recently taken over by the New York Times, Wordle was originally a word game developed by Josh Wardle in Oct. 2021. The web based word game allows the player six attempts to guess a five letter word, with feedback for each letter in the words you guess. If you guess a letter incorrectly, it returns gray, if a letter is used in the final word but is in the wrong position, it turns yellow, and a green letter means it was guessed in the right spot. 

       Wordle can be a quick or an incredibly long game, depending on your guessing skills. This game is absolutely taking over social media, school settings, businesses, and anyone that has a device and can play this game. The game has quickly become popular and also seems to be a trend at ANHS. 

    Olivia Bentley(11) at ANHS, found out about the game through social media and her friends. “I play it everyday before school and it is really fun to beat my friends to the word of the day,” she continues, “I always start with the same word and see how far I can get from there.”

       This free game can be on the New York Times website, in the game section. Every 24-hours a new word is produced and the game restarts