Staffing Shortages Due To Covid

With the recent wave of Omicron hitting the United States, hospitals have found themselves in a major staffing shortage. Many nurses have become infected and are forced to quarantine. On top of that, most healthcare workers, in general, are exhausted from constantly working with Covid for the past two years.  

Many patients still refuse to get vaccinated and also disobey mask mandates. Even before Omicron, staffing shortages were detrimental to the healthcare system. With the most transmittable variant yet more workers are out, and the same people still refuse to follow CDC guidelines. 

Regular patient care is being affected as well. With the staff shortage, many find themselves being unable to receive immediate help. Between Covid patients and regular patients, hospitals are becoming overwhelmed at the influx.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the virus, “will ultimately find just about everybody.”

Those who are on the frontlines of this virus will eventually catch it too. However, those who are vaccinated seem to experience mild to no symptoms in comparison to those who are unvaccinated.

California’s hospital system is struggling as there is a skyrocket of Covid cases. Hospitals say it expects this surge to last for another four to six weeks. Compared to other major places like New York where cases are lowering, California’s cases are still rising.

The number of cases continues to grow as the number of hospital workers constantly decreases. The burden on the healthcare system grows as more people become infected as well as the regular rush of patients with non-Covid related issues.