Expensive Dance Tickets

Since the beginning of January when Winter Formal was announced, there has been severe backlash regarding the dance due to its ticket prices. Students have begun to feel that the price, even at its cheapest, is too expensive and should be lowered. Tickets started out at $90 if purchased with an ASB card, and $100 without. Every week after that, the prices slowly begin to rise, around $10 a week until the last week they are sold. Tickets were originally sold on January 3rd, and they are last available on February 4th. Prices are reported to rise to $100 with an ASB card, and $110 without on January 31.

  The current system in place has annoyed many students who have asked why the system could not start out at a set price and stay the same. Harshitaa Arunkumar (12), stated how she thinks tickets should be sold one price and stay the same until the dance, since it’s just easier and really no need to increase the price. 

  Jade Yu, a senior, stated how overpriced the tickets were, especially because she felt the tickets were far too expensive for the venue. She also added that she felt that the ASB was not being completely honest about the worth of the venue.

  Harshitaa added how she felt a more reasonable price for the venue should have been around $50. She stated that she’s seen plenty of schools nearby that hold their dances in similar types of venues, but prices are at times less than half compared to the prices at our school. 

There has also been debate about the prices and how they affect students of lower income families. Some students feel as if the price is not fair for all students, since the dance is technically not a required school activity which might make some students not feel included due to the price. 

  Overall there are more students against the current price than for, which prompts many to ask the ASB to review the situation and see if there is any way to change the prices.