Second Semester Club Rush

Aliso Niguel kicked off the spring semester with a secondary Club Rush. The event took place on Friday, Jan. 14 during lunch in front of the school.

The event, organized by ASB, provides a space for all the officers to promote their club and spark potential interest among other students. Set up in tables along the front of the school, most clubs displayed posters or other advertisements to share their club’s purpose, meeting schedule and important information.

Aliso Niguel offers a wide variety of clubs ranging from academic, service and extracurricular clubs. Some clubs featured at Rush include Anime Club, Girls for Gains, Psych Club, French Club, Visual Art and Design Club, Jew Crew Club, Coding Olympiad Club and several others.

  President of the Basketweaving Club, Andrew Nguyen (11) shares, “My favorite thing about Club Rush is meeting new people who want to join [my club].” Spring semester’s secondary convention gives students the chance to discover clubs they might not otherwise have shown interest in during the first semester.

In addition to joining already established clubs, students are also allowed to form new clubs this semester as well. ASB commissioner of Clubs, Natalie Poe (11), explains that “we want to have the opportunity to allow everyone to create their own club as much as possible!”
Just as at the beginning of the year, Club Rush was a massive success, with a great deal of students participating in the event throughout the duration of the lunch hour. Student Ashley Sie (10) outlines how one of the best aspects of the gathering is that “you get to see all the options and you get to see all the interests you have in common with other people.”

Due to COVID-19 and a majority of remote learning for Aliso students, last school year’s clubs were forced to meet online, somewhat limiting their outreach and abilities. However, this year’s club organizations are an amazing opportunity for students, especially underclassmen, to explore new interests and whilst connecting with new people.