Thoughts on New ANHS STEM Building

  Aliso Niguel High School has recently finished the year-long construction of the new STEM building, where physical science classes currently reside. Two stories high, it holds classes with teachers such as Bob Jansen and Susan Roche, who teach Physics and Chemistry respectively. 

  While the new building has been a source of excitement for students for the past year, it has garnered criticism for its choice in STEM classes to place in the building. Jade Yu (12) says that “it’s nice but I think some other classes can benefit more than the current ones inside.” 

  This opinion has also been reflected by students in other STEM classes who believe they would benefit from the lab equipment and environment provided. Monica Bhaskar, who teaches Honors and AP Biology, frequently conducts labs with students which require a large space and students frequently walking around.

  If classes like this or Biotechnology were to be moved into the new STEM Building, they could greatly benefit from the new equipment and enlarged space.
  Despite this, the building has generally been favorably viewed upon by students and staff. The additional bathrooms are a relief to many, as lines during breaks between classes to the toilets are extremely long and tedious. According to Summer Tran (12) the new environment makes her feel “more motivated to go to class.” 

  The construction length went longer than expected, but the results give the school a fresher nuance, which is appreciated by many.