Covid Sniffing Dogs

There has recently been a new discovery that dogs have the ability to sniff out Covid-19 to notify the people if they have the virus. There have been many studies before the pandemic that dogs are capable of sniffing out illnesses such as cancer, so the Coronavirus may not be much different. These resourceful animals have come in handy at a Miami Heat Basketball game and in a selection of airports around the world.

But not all is clear and accurate at the moment, since more tests have to be run to see if this can be a new effective “COVID test.” Since there seems to be a shortage of Coronavirus test kits these days, these dogs could be a real success for the medical field.

 It is key to note that it is much more difficult for dogs to find Covid than it is for them to discover a drug. There are also many different illnesses that could be occurring in a person’s body that a dog could get tricked by, in which it seems like the virus but actually is not.

There are two certain remarkable dogs named Huntah and Duke that are working in Massachusetts schools to find Coronavirus in students and staff. They are police dogs that were given proper training that taught them how to use their scent to notice different types of viruses. The accuracy of the results were at about 90 percent, determining that they were ready to be put to work. 

These two remarkable dogs made history being the first police dogs to detect the Coronavirus in America. This also makes it clear that almost any type of dog can have the ability to test Covid-19, they just need to be trained properly first. Once the animal is able to notice the smell, they are told to sit in front of the person and that tells their handler that it is important to focus on that person. 

It should be known that they are not there to replace covid testing but just to be the first to detect it and then the actual testing should take place. Even if they are not the actual test, as time moves on, there will possibly be new discoveries made that will make dogs the next world changers. Since the Coronavirus has been around for about two years now, everyone feels as though anything that comes along should be tried, which is why these pups are a real excitement.

 Yet again another discovery that proves just how extraordinary a man’s best friend can be.