School Vending Machine Issues

   The school vending machines are helpful in keeping students energized during school. Whether it be during passing periods, before school, lunch, or even after school, students benefit from the variety of vending machines around campus. 

   However, these vending machines can often become unreliable and take money without giving anything in return. Out of all of the water machines in school, only two of them regularly work. Sometimes the reliable machines take money with no return.     

    There is a sign on the vending machines in bold lettering that says, “STUDENTS USE FOOD AND BEVERAGE MACHINES AT THEIR OWN RISK”. This sign explains that the school is not responsible for any possible loss of money or malfunctioning of the machines, and they provide a phone number to call.

   This phone number leads straight to voicemail, saying that they no longer take calls from this number. However, it is still posted on all the vending machines.

   Another issue is that the snack vending machines will take money, send the snack down, but it will not reach the bottom. 

   These vending machines have taken a lot of money from students, and they cannot do anything about it since the school is not responsible for the irregularity of the machines. The phone number the school says to call is no longer in service, leaving students to have to accept the fact that their money is being taken.

   The school does not seem necessarily concerned by this issue. No one is ever seen trying to actively fix the problem, and only certain vending machines are seen being restocked. 

    Although these vending machines may be beneficial and a privilege for the students, some cannot help but complain about the cheap loss of money they have received and the absence of action the school has taken to fix this issue.