Homework Club

  Created to inspire, encourage and motivate students, the Homework Club is held for an hour after school to give every student the opportunity to succeed. Thanks to Aliso’s National Honors Society tutors, students can come in for help in their math, science and English classes. And if you just need a quiet, motivating place to get your work done, the Homework Club is happy to host you as well. 

      Avery Hwang, part of the National Honors Society, explains the impact of this club. She states that “it gives students a time where they can receive specific help from their peers and allows them to work with people that have the same classes as them.” Avery joined as a way to participate in the National Honors Society. 

     As someone who joined the Homework Club looking for a calm study environment and help in her math class, Kalli Fischer shares her experience, sharing, “Homework Club was a great place for me to finish my homework and study with the help of my peers.”

       For any student looking for a place like this, the Homework Club is held after school from 3:00 to 4:00, and students are encouraged to stay the whole time. It is located in various classrooms: Lee (607), Belanto (905), McGinity (104) and Kelly (605). Students are expected to keep socializing to a minimum and to complete their homework to the best of their ability with the help of the student tutors.