Spirit Halloween vs Party City Costumes

Halloween is approaching quickly this year, and for many the most important task of the season is left: picking the perfect costume. This year’s entertainment has offered lots of clever ideas ranging from Wanda and Vision from Disney’s own “Wandavision” to characters from Netflix’s new “Squid Game.” 

Deciding on a costume then brings about the debate of where to buy one, Party City or Spirit Halloween. In Aliso Viejo, there is both a Party City location and a pop-up Spirit Halloween in the old Lowe’s building.

While both stores offer a wide variety of costumes for all ages, the gap in cost can make quite the difference. Comparing prices, a general consensus is that Spirit Halloween tends to be more expensive. Yet, for most costumes, the price between both competitors is close in range.

Quality wise, the selection at Spirit Halloween appears to offer costumes of higher merit than that of Party City, specifically in adult costumes. Although a costume bought at Spirit may cost more than a similar one found at Party City, more than likely it is a costume of a higher standard. The costumes, despite being bought mostly for a one time occasion, look as if they would last longer than a cheap and flimsy costume offered somewhere else.

When looking at their websites to purchase costumes, both stores include the basic subsections: girl’s costumes, boy’s costumes, adult costumes, toddler costumes, family costumes, etcetera. Spirit Halloween, however, provides a much more organized, broadened selection of categories ranging from the decades, to princess costumes, to emojis. 

Both options offer additional accessories for costumes including wigs, masks, and makeup, yet Party City takes the win in this category, offering a better selection of basic essentials. After all, where else can you go year round for beaded necklaces and twenty different colored cowboy hats?

Taking all factors into consideration, it’s clear that Spirit Halloween is the leading destination for all costume needs this “Spooky Season.”