New Merchandise Sales at Aliso

Closing out the month of September, ASB coordinated the distribution of student merchandise purchased at registration. Throughout the week of Sep. 27-Oct. 1, students were able to pick up their spirit wear packages during lunch in the cafeteria.

The school offered three different spirit wear packages, the Freshmen Spirit Package, the Teal Spirit package and the Senior Black Card Package. All three packages included a teal bandana and Clash of Classes T-Shirt. Additionally, each package specifically has merchandise directed to those grade levels, including Class of 22’ T-Shirts and Crewnecks for seniors.

Activities Director Mrs. Nero shares how “164 freshmen purchased the [Freshmen] Package, 304 [seniors] got gear or the whole Package and Teal [Package], anybody grades 10-12, 355 people bought.” Students also had the ability to purchase any merchandise items separately.

The 2021-2022 merch incorporates fun, new designs. Maya Deiser (10) shares, “I think they’re simple and comfortable, and I think you can tell they were made with the students in mind.” The new spirit wear’s simplicity and style helps to appeal to a wider range of students on campus.

The newly opened student store is another place for students to purchase clothing and accessories on campus. Run by the PTSA, Aliso’s student store is open from 12-1 p.m. The store offers everything from school supplies, sweatshirts, pajamas pants and even accessories to fit the themes of home football games. 

It is important for all merch to be items that students would enjoy wearing both inside and outside of school. Merch is an easy way for students to reflect their pride in ANHS. A consensus can be made that this year’s spirit wear was a success among everyone.