Through the Decades Homecoming Dance

  Homecoming has returned to ANHS, with this year’s theme being “Dancing through the Decades.” The freshmen are the 70s, the sophomores are 80s, the juniors are 90s, and the seniors are 2000s. Homecoming will take place on Sept. 25, with spirit week being from Sept. 20 through Sept. 24. 

    The theme was primarily chosen, as “a lot of people liked the idea and the style right now is from different decades,” stated ASB Commissioner of Special Events, Maddie Boweles.

    This year, Homecoming will include a variety of activities. A new four person  spinning ride will be introduced, and Handel’s Ice Cream and some snacks will be served. The dance will also include a DJ, arcade games, and an air hockey table. 

    When asked about the inclusion of the new spinning ride, Boweles stated, “this year we wanted something a little more fun, so we decided to get a real ride,” rather than getting the usual Ferris wheel. 

     Other new changes include where the entrance to the dance will be located. The line will begin under the tarp in the senior area, with the entrance being officially at the sophomore and freshman areas. This differs from past years, as the entrance is ugly through the main gym. A balloon arch will be placed at the entrance with the coat check being in a nearby classroom. 

   Many students are looking forward to the return of Homecoming. Molly Dewees (11) stated “I think it’s going to be really fun, picking out outfits.”

    Nick Breen (10) stated that, “It’ll be really exciting finally getting back to normal things we look forward to during normal school years.”

    The return of Homecoming has been long awaited, and many student are excited to dance through the decades at this year’s dance.