The Situation in Afghanistan


Around a month ago marked the completion of removal of American troops in Afghanistan. Marking the end of the almost twenty year war in the country. Although the majority of the nation believes that the war had been going on for too long. 

     With the removal of all American troops from Afghanistan, there is now no force to prevent the Taliban from accomplishing its goals in Afghanistan now. The people are weak and under the control of the Taliban which pressured thousands of people to attempt to evacuate the country due to fear. This fear led to overcrowding of airports of scared civilians attempting to flee for their lives.

     The overcrowded airports of Afghanistan citizens and American troops led it to be the perfect area to commit both sucide bombings and attacks which killed hundreds of citizens who got caught in the crossfire. Other events occurred such as people attempting to hang onto fighter jets and airplanes taking off in order to escape, but sadly losing their grip and falling to their deaths. Although the number of cases for both of these tragedies were a limited number of times.

     It has been 2 decades since the Taliban was in power, and they now essentially gained control once they took over the presidential palace in Kabul where the previous president, Ashraf Ghani had fled the nation. The capture of Kabul turned the once safe city of refugees now a dangerous city under Taliban control. This sparked the fleeing of Afghanistan citizens to other nations in order to flee the grasp of the Taliban.

     Now under Taliban control, the U.S. was able to come to an agreement between the Taliban in order for the retreat of the army and for evacuation for citizens. Thousands have argued that the advances once made in the growing country have been destroyed as the old, more traditional and extreme government will take over and slowly return life to the way it was before.

     All officials can do is hope that the situation will better itself in the following months and that the people in the country will be under a fair and lighter government than the previous Taliban rule. Although the trend of the majority of people in the nation is that of evacuation if they have the funds or opportunity to leave the country for a better life.