Culinary Arts

  The Culinary Arts course presents an opportunity for students to learn necessary skills for the future that the class uses. It teaches students how to safely prepare food in the kitchen as well as how to make nutritionally balanced meals. 

  The class covers the fundamentals of cooking such as cutting skills, measuring, hygiene, and sanitation. Students in the class practice the skills they learn by making breads, soups, sweets and entrée. Students taking the course have the opportunity to learn how to plan, prep and cook basic items for the future. The students learn “baking, cooking, knife skills” and nutrition according to Ms. Boyle.

  Culinary arts additionally covers health and safety in the kitchen. Sanitation is learned through the course’s emphasis on hygiene and the proper preparation of foods. Students learn to use knives safely and to keep utensils clean for future use. The students “learn the proper way of cleaning up after yourself, sanitation, safety and keeping the whole area clean” says Ms. Boyle.The course covers the fundamentals of nutrition and cooking with healthy ingredients to help students learn how to create a balanced diet.

  Students explore different cultures through multicultural recipes that would be foreign or unavailable to students. Dishes from Asia, India, France and eastern Europe are prepared by students in the class. The diversity in cuisine serves as an introduction to foreign cultures through a medium that students cannot experience in other classes.

  The class focuses on skills in the kitchen, it teaches basic life skills. Students learn to organize cutlery and ingredients before cooking. They develop timeliness while managing their foods’ cooking time as well as efficiency to prepare the meal on time. Cooking meals requires organization from students as well as efficiency while working. The students can employ the skills learned in the kitchen to other aspects of their life, such as their academic career. While cooking in groups, they learn how to communicate and work with others.