Graduation Ceremonies Return


Photo by OC Register

A graduate waves to family during the Aliso Niguel High School graduation June 6, 2019. (Photo by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Photographer)

Madison Ross, Staff Writer

 On June 3, Aliso Niguel seniors will walk for graduation in two in-person ceremonies on the football field to protect students and attendees from COVID-19.

  “There was talk about us having two separate ceremonies to ensure safety guidelines, but we can sign up for which ceremony we want to go to and who we want to sit next to,” says Bella Thompson (12), ASB Treasurer.

  As of now, it seems seniors will get to enjoy normal graduation. The smaller size will be a change, however, the choice of which ceremony to attend could be appealing to some.

  “I’d be lying if I said that there was a slight let down, but I think everyone has made the best out of a bad situation,” expresses Troy Ayado (12).

  Brooke Skenes (12) says “I think it is an interesting idea. I think it would be more exciting to have one big graduation, but it is better than nothing.”

  Last year’s seniors were given drive-through graduation conducted in front of the school. The general majority did not prefer this sort of ceremony, but it was the safest option at the time. Thanks to the output of COVID-19 vaccines and increased knowledge of the disease, the class of 2021 is granted more freedom with their graduation.

  The coronavirus will not stop today’s seniors from celebrating the big occasion. Whether classes are online or in person, receiving a diploma is a huge accomplishment and a testament to each student’s hard work.

  “The class of 2021 was dealt an unfair hand, but we made the best out of it and we’re so close to the end” concludes Ayado.