Aliso Holds Virtual Pep Rally during Clash of Classes

Tara Dukes, Head Photographer

 On March 29, Aliso showcased the Clash of Classes pep rally: a pep rally hosting a competition between the four grade levels (9, 10, 11, 12). However, within the threats posed by the ongoing pandemic, students were unable to gather in the gym and enjoy the typical excitement of pep rallies. To make matters more complicated, the majority of students are still online and would be unable to attend any in-person pep rallies thrown by the school. With the help of ASB and other clubs, sports teams, and eager students, a video was put together so everyone could safely enjoy the activities presented in the pep rally. 

   The pep rally opened with representatives from each class introducing themselves, followed by a beautiful performance of the national anthem. Next, a string of performances from the different sports and clubs began. First was the Cheer and Song teams, putting on a show of amazing flips and synchronized choreography, presenting their skill and control to the audience. Afterwards, the Aliso Dance team presented their dance to the song “Voulez-Vous” by ABBA, followed by another elaborate performance to the song “Backstage Romance” from the Broadway Musical Moulin Rouge!, which seemed to be a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

   These back-to-back dance videos were then brought to a calming halt as the ANHS Orchestra was then shown performing “Prayer for Peace” by John Williams. This performance had actually been done the year before (prior to any safety concerns posed by the Coronavirus) in the world renown SOKA University Concert Hall. Once this performance came to a close, Aliso Niguel Theatre presented a preview of their Newsies play. The performers were seen dancing and acting in the short clips given, the video mimicking a movie trailer in its exciting snippets of scenes. The play will be hosted outdoors on April 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24. 

   Next on the pep rally agenda came the Clash of Classes segment students have been anticipating. The representatives from each grade were shown racing one another on MarioKart, Seniors taking first place in the first game, and Freshman coming in first in the second game. 

  DA (Dance Appreciation) then showed off their moves in a performance in front of the movie theater at Aliso Town Center, hyping up the students watching virtually. Then, the real competition began as the class raps of each grade were presented. These amazing raps and performances composed by students truly showed how talented and driven the students at Aliso can be. Each class put an impressive amount of effort into each of their videos, making it difficult to choose who should come out on top. 

   Thanks to all the students who participated, the Senior Class of 2021 was able to come out on top for their last Clash of Classes competition, making their last pep rally memorable and worth the extra effort at the end of the year.