Senior Town Hall Meeting: Everything You Need to Know

Asli Bilgin, Staff Writer

During the town hall meetings held to discuss upcoming ideas regarding senior activities, many ideas were shared in both the student meeting (which occurred during lunch), and the parents meeting in the evening. 

Through both of the presentations the Activities Advisor of Aliso Niguel High School, Allison Nero shared plans of some sort of prom activity on May 1st, a district wide plan for graduation on June 3rd, as well as Senior Brunch on June 2nd. (All of these are subject to changes due to COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.)

Though it is unclear about how exactly prom will run, all the information that was shared included the event being for seniors only to lessen the amount of people. It was also revealed that a venue has been chosen for prom, the Phoenix Club. The event is intended to be more of a banquet, with limited activities such as no dance floor, and assigned seating, most likely to be chosen by the seniors themselves. Frequent santizations and more servers are also guaranteed for obvious reasons. 

As for graduation, it is still unclear on how the event will be held. Many options were put forth during the meetings, such as a drive-in (like last year), a walk through, mini graduations, and even a students only graduation where family can tune in online. Among these options, there were many opinions from both seniors and parents, and the two options of mini graduations and no parents seem to be the most desired. Parents digressed that, ultimately, the students’ opinions should come first and foremost, and there is likely to be a poll on graduation soon. But one known aspect is the district wide requirement, which means that all schools in the district are to use the same method. 

Senior Brunch seems to be almost fully planned out, with the plan being hosting the seniors on campus on the football field and providing some sort of food. An In-N-Out truck seemed to be the most popular among students.

Many ideas were conveyed through the senior meeting such as multiple days of prom, placing students on the football fields for graduation, and being able to decorate caps. 

But many more ideas were presented during the parent meeting, where ideas such as adding temporary bleachers, live streaming football games, continuing Grad Nite at Disneyland (which is managed by the PTSA), making banners to place around the city, having lawn signs again, and surveying the seniors.


Frequently Asked Questions (all answers are from the activities director and vice principal) 

Are seniors allowed to design their caps? Seniors have not been able to decorate caps in the past, and likely won’t be able to this year, although the district may change this policy. 


Can senior awards be held outside? It is a possibility, but according to the current COVID-19 guidelines, the stadium could only hold up to 20% capacity. 


What are the benefits of an ASB blackcard? The benefits include automatically being entered in the cardholder spotlight giveaway each month, reduced prices, tshirts, priority for sports watch parties, and more. 


Where can you purchase your cap and gown? If you have not already, you can order your cap and gown at (this link will take you directly to the Aliso Niguel options.)


Is Jostens going to ship the gowns to the school? Yes, they will and will be distributed from there to seniors.