2021 AP Test Update

Ashley Aguirre, Copy Editor

   A new update has been given by CollegeBoard regarding 2021 AP testing, including test dates and how different tests will be administered depending on the subject. 

    The most important update would most likely be the different schedule that CollegeBoard has implemented in a grouping of three administrations. The first testing window is Administration one; this testing window will be held from May third through seventh, 10 through 12, 14, and 17. This test will be delivered in person in the traditional paper pencil format. 

   Administration two and three will have a number of in person tests, including tests for “French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language and Culture; Chinese and Japanese Language and Culture computer-based exams” according to apstudents.collegeboard.org. In addition, Latin, Music Theory, and Spanish Literature and Culture can only be administered in an in person site and must be supervised by AP proctors.

   Test Administration for two and three are catered towards students who find in person tests unavailable for safety concerns. This testing window will be from May 18–21, 24–28 

   In School and At Home for Administration two and June first through fourth and , 7–11. This test will be issued as online or in person, with little difference between the online and in person exams which allows students to not have to alter their study habits depending on which test they are taking. 

   CollegeBoard suggests that the online test be taken on either a laptop, computer, desktop, or a chromebook that has been distributed by your school; this is recommended for typing portions of the exam.

    Furthermore, it appears that the exam will be mandated by an app as CollegeBoard states on their website that “The exam timing is controlled by the exam app, not by you, the AP coordinator, or a proctor”.  However, the website does not disclose what the app is called. 

     On the online test, questions will be presented one at a time, without being able to move onto unanswered questions or revisited previous questions. 

   The Administration will not be chosen by students, instead by the individual schools or districts. Capistrano Unified School District has yet to decide on which Administration it plans on choosing for their students AP exams.