Senior Trip Update

Sumehra Jamal, Staff Writer

Due to the pandemic , plans for the Senior Trip to Europe with Mrs. Wright have been up in the air since the beginning of the school year. However, as cases slowly go down with the release of the vaccine, the trip has been officialized. 

The trip costs $5,658 at the moment with late fees added and after the expiration of the discount. This includes airfare, hotels, transportation to 8 countries, breakfast, dinner, and excursions and tours for 18 days. The tour covers Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Munich, Lucerne, Burgundy, Paris, London, Dublin, Galway, and Limerick. “We always have two days in every city,” says Wright. “We tour in the morning and the rest of the day is open for exploring. We meet up for dinner later.” Some sights in the trip include an Amsterdam city walk, a visit to Nymphenburg Palace Gardens, an excursion to Mt. Pilatus, the Seine River cruise, and also much more well-known places like London’s National Gallery, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, and Anne Frank’s house. 

Of course, things may not go according to plan because of unforeseen circumstances regarding COVID. According to Wright, “The refund policy is you receive all your money minus $399 if the trip is cancelled due to COVID. If you purchase the Travel Protection Insurance, you receive all of your money minus $90 [the price of the insurance].” 

“Europe has been steadily declining in cases and I personally think that enough services will be opened by the time the trip rolls around,” Wright says. COVID precautions are likely to still be underway during the trip even as numbers fall. Mask-wearing will be enforced in the flights. However, the actual fun of the trip for the most part will be no different than normal years. 

All information about the senior trip, including a complete itinerary and list of included features can be found here: