Seniors Express Their Feelings About Having No Senior Year

Sanaz Ahmadi, Senior Editor

 Senior Year: The year hyped up by everyone, said to be the best year of our teen years. Usually, senior year is full of fun activities: prom, senior night, graduation, etc. However, the Class of 2021 will most likely miss out on these events due to the pandemic. The year already started off on a low note with school being online for the first three months. Even when hybrid classes started, only a third of students go to campus while the majority still stay home. 

  In a recent poll I conducted, about 74 percent of seniors said that they feel sad about their senior year being ruined while 26 percent said they don’t really care. The majority of seniors expressed their frustration over not having the normal senior year they thought they would have.

  Casey Pearlman (12) said, “I’d likely have a senior year if other seniors were actually responsible and, as far as I know, ASB isn’t planning a regular graduation or anything exciting for seniors and it’s sad.”

  Looking at the current state of the pandemic, it seems unlikely that there will be a prom or in-person graduation, although the school has not released any official updates about these events yet. With the Class of 2021 not even getting a junior year prom, many are disappointed that they’re missing out on the activities that make senior year special.

  “I feel like senior year is the last chance at childhood for us before we go into adulthood. Prom, winter formal, pep rallies, and more. We won’t experience that in college. I feel like senior year should be lived to the fullest before we go off on our own and COVID has had a drastic impact,” said Bella Chetti (12).

  Many students expressed similar reasons as to why they feel let down. 

  Taylor Cooper (12) said, “I’m sad because, even though it sounds so cliche, I was really looking forward to prom and graduation.”

  While most are upset about the situation, others do not have strong feelings about it. 

  Ashley Delima (12) expressed, “I was sad in the beginning, but at this point I’ve become desensitized to it and no longer care that much.”

  The future is very uncertain, so it is not known what the school plans to do to make up for the loss of senior activities. The Class of 2021 is holding onto hope that maybe they will have some activities toward the end of the year, especially hoping for an in-person graduation ceremony.