Best Places To Virtually Visit

Akshata Tiwari, Copy Editor

More than a year in the COVID-19 pandemic, most individuals are aching to travel somewhere. While travel restrictions are still imposed, there are several amazing places one can visit in just the blink of an eye, through the use of technology.

For art lovers, virtually visiting the Louvre is both exciting and convenient. One of the most iconic attractions in Paris, it can be visited from your computer, while you sit on your bed. The best thing is, you don’t need to battle crowds for an up-close look at your favorite paintings. There are various websites on Google that offer free virtual tours of the artwork in the Louvre. Some of them even range from from wing to wing, while providing tailored narrations and analysis of the paintings. 

Another majestic place to visit is the Great Wall Of China. Explorers can visit the creation via Google’s “Heritage On The Edge” program. 

All 13,171 miles can be accessible within the frame of your device! One of the most remarkable things is that several featured sites of the wall are threatened by climate change, but the virtual rendition preserves each of them. On the internet one can find several interactive tours and videos, each filled with explanations of the Great Wall’s enriching history.

One of the best places for school field trips is the virtual tours of the San Diego Zoo. Children of all ages can learn about Sumatran tigers, leopards, and zebras, and the zoo even features live lessons with zookeepers. Apart from the videos, the virtual center even features a real “live-cam” of the animals so that the rhinos, pandas, elephants, and bears can be seen in real time. 

Lastly, one of the most known places to visit from home is Disneyland. In this trip, families will be able to experience rides such as Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Guardians of the Galaxy from their living room couch. While it may seem strange to watch recorded videos of rides on your tv screen, children can hit most attraction of the theme park in the comfort of home.