Amazon Fresh: The New Modern Shopping System

Asli Bilgin, Staff Writer

Amazon has made enormous steps toward the future by introducing Amazon Fresh Stores that allow you to shop with no checkout or workers. 

The closest establishment opened four months ago in Irvine Marketplace, Irvine. In the store you can choose whether to use a normal shopping cart or what is called a “dash cart,” which is completely digital. 

The dash cart is a smart shopping cart that uses cameras and lights to detect exactly what item you are putting inside the cart. But first upon entering the store, you are required to enter your personal Amazon QR code from the AmazonFresh app. That way, the cart can know who is shopping, and it is also conveniently the system you pay through. 

That’s right, in order to make the process completely contactless and digitized, all purchases are to be charged to your own amazon account. 

Automatic scales are also built inside the carts to ensure swiftness and accuracy with purchasing produce. Before placing bagged produce into the cart, you have to enter in a specific code for the item and add it to the cart, where it is automatically weighed. 

Conveniently placed around the store are Amazon Alexa’s which can assist you with any questions you might have with a simple voice command by just saying, “Hey Alexa!” 

Products also have a rating system, where above the price there is a rating of up to five stars just like Amazon products online, and most likely taken from there as well. 

If you fancy yourself a glimpse or experience of everything modern day technology can do, be sure to stop on by an Amazon Fresh Supermarket near you!